Continuous Delivery


This module provides you the ability to manage your Continuous Delivery strategy of each service in any environment other than dashboard.

Continuous Delivery provides the mechanism to automate everything just like Continuous Integration, but it takes it on step further.

After a build and automated unit tests are successful, it automatically deploys the application to an environment where you can do more in-depth testing.

List services 

Head to Deploy pillar → Continuous Delivery 

Based on the environment picked from the drop down menu in the top left corner, a list will appear showing the default CD strategy and the version strategy that overrides the default, of each service of a specified branch.

This page will only show the services already configured in Repositories section under Develop pillar. To learn how to configure CD click here.

Update the CD strategy 

For each service you can update the CD strategy. The available CD strategy are :

  1. Notify, the API will insert a new update notification received in the ledger only.
  2. Update, the API will update all affected services and insert for each one of them an auto update notification entry in the ledger

Change the strategy and click on save settings

Pause the CD strategy 

Clicking on Pause Strategy button will stop all the automatic updates, it is like turning all the services to Notify.

A new update notification received in the ledger only.

Click on Turn on Strategy to revert the pause.