Deployments refer to container technology deployments which host your environments thus forming the infrastructure that environments use.

Environments that use container technology deployments are classified as Single Cloud Clustering and/or Multi Cloud Clustering allowing you to leverage containers and deploy from source code and resources as well as configure continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Deployments are created by providing Infra As Code Templates to the cloud provider's supported driver and the later will provision clusters accordingly.

SOAJS Connects with multiple cloud providers and support multiple technologies.
SOAJS also offers multiple drivers for each cloud provider and each driver has its templates.

Once a cluster has been provisioned and the environment deployed on it, a new deployment entry shows up in this module that offers full  visibility on the deployment details:

  • Which Region was used when creating this deployment
  • Which cloud provider driver and which template were used to provision this deployment
  • If there are Load Balancers associated with this deployment and what are their exposed ports
  • Which container technology is running in this deployment
  • Which environments are using this deployment as infrastructure

Every deployment has a delete button on its top right corner that triggers deleting the provisioned cluster all the services and deployments inside it and all associated load balancers and certificates to it.

However, the environments that are using this deployment as their infrastructure are detached from it but not deleted and their configuration is updated to use Manual Deployment thus these environments become classified as remote development Environments.