How to build a service


SOAJS services are atomic micro servers built on top of NodeJs and SOAJS' Framework.

Throughout this space, we will show you step by step how to:

  • Build a service
  • Secure a service
  • Deploy the Controller and call your service APIs
  • Build a Multitenant service
  • Overview on a how your service will fit in the cloud of SOAJS

1 - Install required Technologies

In Order to build and deploy a SOAJS service, you need to install soajs

Install SOAJS Examples
# install the examples
> cd /opt/soajs/node_modules/
> npm install soajs.examples

2 - Browse the Examples

We have setup 5 examples that we recommend you go through them in order and once you're done, check out soajs.seed.

Hello World
Simple Service that provides one API, when invoked it returns a "Hello World" message in its response.
Basic Service
Basic Service that provides APIs using different methods and focuses on how to use the IMFV of SOAJS.
Learn What is the controller, why you need it and how it functions and see how you can protect your service behind it.

oAuth Security
Learn how to protect your service by turning on oAuth and providing access tokens as part of the request.
Transform your service to support multitenancy, turn on key security, Access Levels and make your service behave differently based on the tenant calling its APIs.

Don't start from Scratch!

Check out what SOAJS SEED offers as sample code to jump start your coding skills in SOAJS while also learning about Model Injection at Runtime.