This space is designed to help you Install SOAJS Console on your local machine or in the cloud.

You can download the installer from the SOAJS Website download page.


After downloading, extract/unzip the soajs installer and simply run the INSTALL script as follow:

cd soajs.installer

Once the installation is complete, you can start SOAJS console as follow:

soajs console install [% absolute_path_for_destination_folder %]
soajs console start 

then go to this URL: http://localhost:4005

Installer CLI Usage

The installer is equipped with multiple commands and options.


The following MODULE are available:

consoleDeploy & control the SOAJS console on your local machineMODULE - console
serviceDeploy & control the SOAJS gateway on your local machineMODULE - service
servicesControl the SOAJS gateway and its services on you local machineMODULE - services
kubernetesDeploy kubernetes & orchestrate containerized environments on your local machineMODULE - kubernetes
mongoControl the bundled mongo that comes with the installer and needed by the SOAJS console deployed on your local machineMODULE - mongo
remote-installerDeploy & control the SOAJS console in the cloudMODULE - remote-installer

To explore all the commands and options:

soajs --help