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Infra Cloud Providers offer the infrastructure on which you create clusters, set up your networks, firewall rules, load balancers, and virtual machines.

This module provides the ability to Link Infrastructure Cloud Provider that you would like SOAJS to use to deploy your environments & components on.

Once you Connect your Infra Provider, you can use templates which contains instructions on how to deploy a cluster along with the network, firewall rules, load balancer .....

While creating an environment, pick the provider and the template and SOAJS will orchestrate setting up the infrastructure on this provider as per the template and deploy your environment.


1- Activate / Modify / Deactivate Provider

Click on Connect Cloud Provider at the top of the page of this module, and select the one you want to use.

Provide your account details at this provider and SOAJS will connect to it. From there on, you can now use this provider to provision infrastructure for any Single Cloud Clustering environments.


Cloud Provider

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

SOAJS is equipped with a native driver support for this type of providers.

The drivers allow SOAJS to communicate directly with the APIs of this provider to deploy your infrastructure.

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Connect New Infra ProviderAWS Provider ExampleAny Machine hosting Kubernetes AWS Info Page


You can always modify the credentials of the infra cloud provider you connected with, simply click on Edit and update the details.

Upon Activating or Modifying an Infra Provider, SOAJS authenticates the credentials to ensure that it can use them at a later stage.


Deactivating an Infra Provider, unplugs it from SOAJS but does not temper with its information at origin meaning if you deactivate your AWS account, for example, SOAJS only removes it from the SOAJS Console but the API Key and Token at AWS are still functional. To deactivate the key and the token, you need to do that personally at AWS and the same applies to other providers.


If you deactivate an infra account, all Infra Code Templates store locally will be removed as well.


You cannot deactivate an infra account that is hosting deployments, remove the deployments first, then deactivate the infra account.