Google Cloud


SOAJS Console allows you to connect Google Cloud as a cloud provider so you can provision containers and virtual machine clusters as infrastructure to your environments via infra as code templates.

The following page provides you with guidelines on how to connect Google Cloud as a cloud provider and the list of supported functionality by SOAJS that you can use to manage your clusters and virtual machines after creating them.

1- Connect with Google Cloud

Step 1:

Choose or create a new project from the top center menu next to Google Cloud Platform

Step 2:

Choose IAM & admin from the left sidebar menu and click on Service Accounts

Step 3:

Click on Create Service Account at the top of the page and follow the wizard to create a new account with permissions to deploy in your google cloud project.

Once the account is created, click the configure icon at the right end of the user record and choose Create Key then JSON.

Google Cloud will generate a new key for you in a JSON format and downloads it to your computer. 

Both the Project Name from Step 1 and the JSON Key will be used so that SOAJS Console can communicate with Google Cloud and deploy your infrastructure.

User Permissions

While creating your user, make sure you provide the correct Access to your account.

The following permissions to be enabled to allow SOAJS to deploy your infrastructure, create & manage load balancers along with certificates, firewall, IP address, DNS ...

  • App Engine Admin
  • Compute Admin
  • Kubernetes Engine Admin
  • Kubernetes Engine Cluster Admin
  • DNS Admininistrator
  • Service Account User

Before you proceed, from the left sidebar, choose Compute Engine, and when the page opens, click on enable.

2- Supported Functionality for Google Cloud

coming soon