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This Pillar provides several modules that help you cook some ACL recipes, package them and assign them as products to tenants.

In Addition you can create tenants that will use your product, manage their applications and secure them via key security

Decide who has access to what and where.

  1. Productize and Package access level recipes to multiple services/daemons in different environments.
  2. Turns on multitenancy, secure your services and make them behave differently based on the tenant invoking their APIs.
  3. Create and Manage Tenants, generate keys for them and Configure Private Inputs in different environments.
  4. Manage your Organization Charts.
  5. Configure and Update the Settings of your SOA Cloud.


Create and Package your ACL recipes


Create and Manage Tenants, secure them with keys and assign Productized ACL Packages to them.

Tenant Organization Chart

Administer the users and groups of all the tenants in your application.

My Organization Chart

Administer the users and groups of your tenant.


Update and modify the configure of the tenant you are logged in with.