Service Operations & Maintenance


After services and daemons are deployed inside the SOAJS cloud, the configuration might change, the permissions might be updated and even performing troubleshooting operations is sometimes required.

Whenever a change happens, services and daemons configuration needs to be reloaded so that the change gets applied or we have to wait for the next automatic reload configuration happens; by default the time interval is configured to run once every 1 hour.

The time interval is located in section registries under the deploy pillar and named auto reload registry.

This space will show you:

  • The available operations that can be performed on services and daemons

Available Operations



RouteAvailable For

Usage Example

HeartbeatChecks if the service/daemon is alive/heartbeatAllWhen hosts section first opens, it performs a heartbeat check on all services/daemons deployed in that environment.
Load ProvisionReloads the ACL and custom tenant configuration ( servicesConfig )/loadProvisionAll
  • New Tenants are created
  • ACL is updated
  • Tenant custom configuration (servicesConfig) is modified
Reload RegistryReloads the Registry (Environment) configuration/reloadRegistryAll
  • when a database cluster changes
  • new database is added or removed or modified
  • Environment Registry Information is updated

in the dashboard environment, reload the registry of the proxy micro-service every time a new environment is deployed.

The proxy service provides the ability to operate on data and interact with micro-services in all environments other than dashboard.

This is why when a new environment is created, the proxy registry configuration needs to be reloaded so that the later learns of its existence and thus be able to proxy requests to it.

Load Daemon StatsReturn information about the Daemon Status/daemonStatsdaemonsThen this operation returns details if the daemon is idle or if it is running any of its jobs
Reload Daemon ConfigurationReload the Daemon's Group Configuration/reloadDaemonConfdaemonsThis operation reload the group configuration for a daemon without turning off the daemon.
Awareness StatReloads the Awareness of the Controller/awarenessStatControllerThe controller broadcasts an echo request in his environment and returns a list of all services/daemons that responded to it.