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This module provides a full blown API catalog Management Section for all activated services with system that helps you visualize all the activated and microservices in all your projects with insight to each microservice  an insight to their APIs.


  1. List all activated microservices
    1. Browse their APIs per version and per group
    2. List and Edit the service settings in each environment
    3. Test Swagger Generated Services using the Simulator
  2. How to Build a Service


SOAJS services are atomic micro-servers that once deployed the run on a designated port and dispose of Rest and Restful APIs to handle incoming requests.

SOAJS services can have multiple versions where in each version their APIs differ.

Once a service has been activated in Repositories, you will be able to see its details in this module.

In each environment, you can check the service settings: External Key Required - oAuth - urac - URAC Profile - URAC ACL - Provision ACL.

In addition, you can edit the service settings by turning on or off External Key Required and oAuth.

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Testing Swagger Generated Services

Some services are accompanied with a swagger logo at the right end of their display row which means that these services were generated using the SOAJS Swagger Editor Module and thus you can test these services using the swagger simulator. Click the logo, a new page opens up where the simulator provides you with all the tools needed to interact with your service.

The swagger simulator only works for services that have been deployed. After you activate your service in Git Accounts, you should deploy it in an environment. Click here to learn more details on how to deploy a service. Once deployed, you can pick which environment you want to test your service in, and using which tenant; tenants also show up based on who has access to the environment you select. Click here to read more about tenants.

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How to build a Service

The dashboard services module provides a full blow api catalog of activated services only, therefore, before you activate a service you need to build it. 

To build a service you need the soajs framework. Click here to learn how to build a service, then activate it using Repositories.

Once activated, return to this module in the dashboard and you will be able to see its details and browse its APIs.

After you activate your service, you can deploy it manually or using the dashboard. Click here to learn how to deploy a service.