Integrate, Install and build services & daemons.

  1. Full Blow API Catalog of installed services, daemons and static HTML content.
  2. Create & Manage daemon groups with different flavors and control daemons behavior in multiple environments.
  3. Integrate with 3rd Party Git Providers: Github & Bitbucket and activate custom made services, daemons and HTML content.
  4. Rich wizard to build Generic Content Management Services without writing code.
  5. Generate Microservices using Swagger by reverse engineering their API documentation from Yaml Code.
  6. Test generated microservices using Swagger in multiple environments.

API Catalog

Full blown API catalog of all activated services with multi version and group categorization.

Daemon Catalog

Full blown Daemon catalog with ability to create & manage Daemon groups, types behavior and job processing.

Continuous Integration

Sync with 3rd party systems that offers an automated build to ensure continuous integration


Integrate with 3rd party Git Providers and activate services, daemons and static content.

API Builder

Leverage Swagger Engine or use the Native SOAJS Wizard to build the contract layer of multi modal microservices and endpoints with multi authentication support. Download and gain full access to microservice source code. Visualize and test the IMFV in your API contract. 

Environment Templates

Use the SOAJS Swagger Editor to build microservices by simply providing their YAML documentation.

Catalog Recipes

Build and Manage Recipes used by container based technologies such as docker & kubernetes

Infra Cloud Providers

Integrate with multiple cloud providers and create infra code templates supporting multiple technologies and that can run on native cloud drivers and even 3rd party drivers