Container Technology


Container Technology offers the ability to connect an already deployed container cluster and link it as the infrastructure when you create containerized environments to deploy source code and resources on it.

This module provides the ability to Connect Container Technologies that you would like SOAJS to use for your environments.

Container Technologies can be only be used when creating containerized environments as they are limited to using only containers as infrastructure.

1- Activate / Modify / Deactivate Technology

Click on Connect Technology at the top of the page of this module, and select one of the two type available.

Provide the needed details allowing SOAJS to connect to that machine. From there on, you can now use this technology as the infrastructure for any containerized environment.

TechnologyDocker Swarm - Kubernetes

SOAJS supports any infrastructure that has either docker swarm or kubernetes deployed on.
In this case, SOAJS needs the connection configuration to communicate with this machine such as IP address, port & token.

Connect New TechnologyDocker Swarm ExampleDocker Swarm Driver 


You can always update the connection configuration of this technology after you activate it, simply click on Edit and update the details.

Upon Activating or Modifying any technology, SOAJS authenticates the credentials to ensure that it can use them at a later stage.


Deactivating a technology, unplugs it from SOAJS but does not temper with its information at origin meaning if you deactivate your Docker Swarm Machine, SOAJS only removes it from its registry but doesn't stop or remove the machine. To stop or remove that machine, you need to do that personally depending on where the machine is hosted.