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Click, Click, Click and you are done

  1. Interact with ready made wizards to Create custom environments and configure them each with a different security protocol.
  2. Create and manage resources to different types of databases, servers, CDN or system.
  3. Create and manage standalone or multi-tenant databases.
  4. Define and configure your platform deployment procedures.
  5. Go High Available and deploy your environments and resources with just a few clicks.
  6. Monitor, Troubleshoot, scale and perform maintenance operations on all your services & daemons all through clicks of a button.
  7. Turn on Continuous Integration and continuous delivery 
  8. Monitor Analytics and generate Reports from Cloud Traffic and Performance


Manage and configure all the registries of the all the environments you have deployed.

Repositories (Not available in dashboard environment)

Deploy your services/daemons and configure their Continuous Integration.

Continuous Delivery (Not available in dashboard environment)

Manage all your Continuous Delivery strategy of each service in each environment. 

Platforms & CertificatesInfrastructure

Define & Modify the platform deployment behavior infrastructure of your environments.


Create, Configure and Connect to clusters in your environments.


Define all the databases you have under your environments and specify which clusters they should use.

Clouds & Deployments

Full Cloud orchestration with abilities to scale, troubleshoot, deploy and redeploy containers containing services and daemons in all environments along with Master and Worker node management.

Updates & Upgrades

Get all your services/daemons notifications about any update or upgrade.

Create New Environment

Use the advanced wizard to create new environment on multiple cloud providers and using different infrastructure technologies and deploy components in these environments all in one shot and through clicks of a button!