Updates & Upgrades


Stay up to date when new Updates and Upgrades are available where updates represent code updates and are applied to services that were deployed from source code while upgrades reflect Catalog recipe Changes and / or new Docker Image Versions.

Whenever there is an update or upgrade, the module in the left sidebar shows a notification that contains how many updates are similar to how smart phone notifications appear.

In the case where services are deployed using container technology, updates and upgrades display their notification next to the name of each affected service.


  1. Updates
  2. Upgrades


There are different scenarios that might cause a code update to be triggered but all of them for every service having CI/CD configured.

Updates Turned onAffected services will update by getting restarted automatically. A notification will show informing you that the update has been pulled and applied at a specified time.
Updates Turned off

No service is affected or restarted, A notification indicating a new available is available and requires you apply the update manually

Updates Turned on on non deployed serviceA new service is created with the code update that has arrived. A notification will show informing you that the new service has been created.
Updates Turned off on non deployed serviceNo service is affected or created, A notification indicating a new available update is available and requires you  apply the update manually

The SOAJS ready made services: urac - oauth - dashboard and controller won't show any notification in case of code updates.

In case of code update, Click Here to learn how to update SOAJS ready made services. You will find in the dashboard section 4 links for the 4 ready made services that guides you through the update.

Unread notifications have a yellow background color, you can mark each notification as read by clicking on or you can just click on Mark all as read to make all notifications as read.


Only two scenarios might cause an upgrade to happen; Catalog Recipe has been updated - New Docker Image Version

Catalog Recipe Updated

This update happens after you deploy a service from a catalog recipe and then this recipe gets modified.

In this case to all you need to do is Redeploy the service and the deployer will pull the catalog recipe updates and apply them.

New Docker Image

This updates happens once a new docker image version becomes available on docker hub.

In this case there are 2 procedures that can happen depending on the environment you in.

Dashboard environment has a special treatment since it provides the mechanism to configure all other environments.

Refer to Update & Upgrades space to learn more how to apply image upgrades on deployed services.