This module is available in any environment other than dashboard. It shows all the git accounts added under Repositories in the Develop pillar, along with the activated repositories.

It gives you the ability to deploy any service/daemon and configure its Continuous Deployment.

Deploy any service/daemon 

A list of your added git accounts is displayed, where you will find only the activated repositories.

Click to expand your git account, you will see the list of the activated repositories and their available services/daemons. You can configure its deployment and deploy it instantly or configure it and deploy it later on using the First Time Deployment button.

For any deployed service/daemon, you will see a label indicating that it's deployed.

Configure Deployment

To configure a service/daemon deployment, click on Configure Deployment button → fill the requested fields.

You can save the configuration or deploy it instantly. If you choose to deploy the service/daemon, you can check it in Clouds & Deployments section.

Reconfigure Deployment

To reconfigure a service/daemon deployment, click on Reconfigure Deployment button → fill the requested fields.

You can save the new configuration in case the service/daemon isn't deployed yet or Rebuild the service/daemon in case it's already deployed.

Make sure you have chosen the right environment in the red button before you deploy any service/daemon

Configure Continuous Deployment 

Click Configure Deployment or Reconfigure Deployment and add the Continuous Delivery strategy. The branch is already locked based on the one picked to deploy the service/daemon from.

There is 2 kinds of CD strategies: Notify and Update.

  • If you set the strategy to Notify, then an API will insert a new update notification received in the ledger(Updates & Upgrades) only.
  • If you set the strategy to Update, then an API will update all affected services and insert for each one of them an auto update notification entry in the ledger(Updates & Upgrades).