Create New Environment


The following page shows how to create an environment, provision the infrastructure and configure deploying source code and/or resources in one shot using the advanced SOAJS environment wizard and through simple clicks of a button.

The wizard guides you when creating an environment to:

Step NameDescription

Provision container cluster technology 

Attach or provision new cluster container technology that you can use to deploy source code and/or resources in as containers once the environment is created.
Provision virtual machine layersAttach or provision new virtual machine layers and their instances that you can use to deploy source code and/or resources in once the environment is created.
Configure and deploy source codeConfigure how to deploy from source code using either container technology or virtual machine layers.
Configure and deploy resourcesConfigure how to deploy resources using either container technology or virtual machine layers.

How it Works

The UI wizard asks you a series of questions guiding you through several steps and collecting your inputs along the way and in the last step it sends the collected data to the create environment API then opens a progress page and displays the status of the creation.

The API formulates a unified configuration from the collected inputs it received along with the template content you have chosen and runs it through a series of deployment steps that altogether orchestrate creating the environment, provision the infrastructure and deploying the components.

Some environments require minutes to be created and completed depending on the infra provisioning configuration and/or the content of the template that was selected. The wizard periodically checks the status of the deployment and display the progress details whenever they get updated.

In case of an error, the execution is halted, the error is returned back to the UI wizard to display it for you along with the appropriate Take Action buttons.

The following list contains the steps that the wizard asks you to fill:

  1. General Information
    1. Select Environment Type: Manual Development - Single Cloud Clustering - Multi-Cloud Clustering
    2. Select Template to create an environment from
    3. Supply Basic Information
  2. Infrastructure
    1. Provision Container Technology
    2. Provision Virtual Machine Layers
  3. Registry
    1. Configure the Environment Security
    2. Configure creating custom registries
  4. Deployment
    1. Configure Deploying Secrets ( container technology only )
    2. Configure Deploying from Source Code
    3. Configure Deploying Resources
  5. Create Environment

Not all the steps mentioned above have to be configured, again the steps depend on the template you have selected to create the environment from specifically the steps related to infrastructure, Registry & Deployment.

If you are not familiar with the templates that are used to create an environment, click here to read more about them.


SOAJS speeds up your provisioning and deployment

  • It only asks you to create templates under Environment Templates and offers you a ready to use mechanism that executes these templates and automates creating and orchestrating environments, infrastructure and deployments.
  • Create multiple environments from the same template and share infrastructure clusters between environments.
  • Restrict templates to be reused or one-time usage only
  • Restrict templates to only work with certain technologies, or technology drivers or even certain infra providers.
  • Create custom templates and define what to automate along with creating an environment

SOAJS gives you have full control over what to create, how and where to create it and in which order you want your environment components to be deployed.

The wizard helps you automate and speed up the procedure by simply reading and running the instructions of your templates and based on the order you have instructed.


Pick the type of environments you want to create
Select the template to create and deploy the environment from
Provision Container Technology Cluster
Provision Virtual Machine Layers and instances
Environment Registry Configuration
Configure Deploying from Source Code
Configure Deploying Resources
Create Environment Overview Page
Create Environment Progress Status