Update Installer

SOAJS Installer consist of the following:

  • soajs.installer: the binary that can be downloaded from her https://www.soajs.org/install
  • soajs.installer.local: to help you install soajs locally and create a local development environment.
  • soajs.installer.remote: to help you install soajs on a container cluster remotely aka kubernetes.
  • soajs.installer.versions: the release note and package dependencies 

4 different updates you might need to deal with after you install SOAJS

  1. Update soajs.installer: we call this installer binary update
  2. Update soajs.installer (local, remote, versions): we call this installer code update
  3. Update soajs console locally: we call this local console UI update 
  4. Update soajs console remotely: we call this remote console UI update

1- For installer binary update: follow theses steps

  1. Download the latest version fo SOAJS installer:  https://www.soajs.org/install
  2. Backup the file config.js from the existing soajs.installer/etc/config.js

    cp -R .../soajs.installer/etc/* .../backup/
  3. Delete the existing soajs.installer folder

    rm -Rf .../soajs.installer
  4. Unzip the new installer and copy it to the same location

    cp ~/Downloads/soajs.installer.zip .../

    unzip .../soajs.installer.zip
  5. Copy the backed up config.js into soajs.installer/etc/

    cp -R .../backup/* .../soajs.installer/etc/
  6. To check the versions runTo check the versions run
    cat .../soajs.installer/package.json

2- For installer code update: follow theses steps

  1. To update follow the following steps

    if you face permission problem running the above command, try this first:

    chmod 777 -R .../soajs.installer
  2. To check the versions run
    soajs --help

    you will notice that the --help will print at the end the following:


    SOAJS Installer Versions:

       Installer package  [version] <= the BINARY version

       Installer local        [version]

       Installer remote    [version]

       Installer versions  [version]

install SOAJS console locally and create local development environment for your different catalogs (API, Daemons, Frontend, Resources, etc...). However the installer has its own code base and binaries and you need to update this every time we release a new version of soajs.installer.

Please note that we are talking about the installer update and not SOAJS console update. To update SOAJS console simply run this command:

sudo soajs console update

3- For local console UI update: follow theses steps

  1. After updating the installer, you can go ahead and update the console as follow:

    sudo soajs console update

3- For remote console UI update: follow theses steps

  1. Contact SOAJS at: https://www.soajs.org/contactUs