MODULE - kubernetes


The following page describes the kubernetes module manual.

Below is how to get kubernetes information 

Docker type



To start orchestrating environments with Kubernetes, you need to connect it to SOAJS console. This operation  display on your terminal how to connect it. this works for minikube

Kubernetes Command Example
> sudo soajs kubernetes connect

Local Docker

If you are using local Docker simply use

Kubernetes Command Example
> sudo kubectl describe secrets

The port is usually: 6443

The ip is usually: kubernetes.docker.internal

Cluster Information 

to get the IP and Port

Kubernetes Command Example
> sudo kubectl cluster-info

How to install Kubernetes locally 

You can install kubernetes as follow:

After installing kubernetes make sure you create a service Account as follow:

sudo kubectl create clusterrolebinding serviceaccounts-cluster-admin --clusterrole=cluster-admin --group=system:serviceaccounts