Kanuy 7

Kanuy 7 will not be released. SOAJS team decided to move directly to Stingray 1.

A complete new version of SOAJS platform with amazing features helping eliminates the biggest barrier to getting applications onto the cloud. Empower your team with instant DevOps & CloudOps capabilities to help them achieve durable agility, work on what matters, and deliver microservices faster. As current technologies only partially address these challenges. Before your application teams can focus on coding, DevOps, CloudOps, and Security must translate their architectures and policies into cloud environments, by integrating and harmonizing infrastructures, frameworks, legacy software, and more — and must build cohesive development, release, operating, and management flows and views. Today this IT Plumbing is being developed manually – tying down scarce, but critical, expertise and skills.

SOAJS single-pane-of-glass (SPOG) management solution automates this IT Plumbing and optimizes the development lifecycle for your Applications. DevOps, CloudOps, and Security retain the same level of control, with an open, plug-and-play platform that adapts to their vision. With no IT Plumbing coding necessary, their critical expertise and skills get leveraged more efficiently, across more projects. And your application teams start delivering microservices significantly earlier and faster.

Here is a brief list of what is coming:

SOAJS Catalog

Building a heterogeneous catalog is one of the main pillar of success with the adoption of micro-services architecture. Having a versatile catalog for all the different types components is key (ie: API, AI models, Daemons, Frontend, etc...). The ability to create a heterogeneous catalog capable to automatically adapt and onboard all kind of different type of components is the way to go. Wether you have Legacy API, Passthrough endpoint, Smart endpoint, Function as a service endpoint, or Newly created API with any framework,  a holistic view of these APIs is a must with the ability to search, document, productize and view analytics. Just point SOAJS to your GIT serve and start cataloging every important piece needed to build your innovation with team collaboration like you have never seen.

SOAJS Multi Cloud

Designed ground up with the demands of modern cloud environments in mind, SOAJS seamlessly supports features like multi-cloud orchestration and multi-tenant across the platform. Scale quickly. Deploy across complex, hybrid environments easily. With a click of a button provision an environment on top of any Kubernetes cluster you have or let SOAJS provision a Kubernetes cluster on any of the following clouds GCP, AWS, or Azure. SOAJS comes with a complete console to help you manage your resources with  complete federation and wizards capable to empower any one in your organization to operate and manage any environment in the organization.

SOAJS Release Management

Designed to help you rock your Kubernetes cluster, whether you have an existing cluster or you provisioned one using our multi cloud capabilities, SOAJS helps you take control and start managing all your deployment with your team. SOAJS automated infra as code makes it easy to manage environment, deployment as well as building custom CI/CD for all sort of deployment whether from source code or binary.

SOAJS API Management

Finally a complete multi tenant API Management product that is going to help you focus on innovating while enjoying multi tenant authentication and authorization without the need of a PhD to operate. With a proliferation of APIs, microservices, containers, technologies, resources, and legacy solutions — and without mesh integration across them — developer teams are overburdened with DevOps/CloudOps. Application teams need to develop and manage their own environments for development and testing. Organizations need to manage the development, deployment, and operation of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of APIs and microservices. To communicate the current APIs to internal and external teams, API Cataloguing is manually maintained, which saps time & resources and is subject to error. Managing complexities like multi-versions, multi-tenancy, multi-security, legacy systems, multi-environments, multi-providers, and canary releases (especially in a multi-tenant environment) requires extensive automation. This burdens IT organizations with never ending coding and scripting, which ties down their critical skills and expertise. SOAJS handles all of these concerns so application teams can focus on application development and DevOps/CloudOps/Security expertise can be better utilized. Enterprises realize Durable Digital Agility. 

Hey did we mention that SOAJS can be deployed locally helping build the best Unit and integration test to help you provide the best SLA for your customers.